The Company

Santana Textiles is one of the largest textile companies in the Americas.

Santana Textiles Group occupies a prominent position among the textile industry and consolidates its expertise in the manufacture anddevelopment of basic, differentiated and innovative denim fabrics.

The Santana Textiles Group originates from the manufacture of hammocks, a segment in which it was a national leader in the late 70’s. In
the early 80’s, Fiação Santana was born, the first Brazilian industry in this segment fully focused on the open-end process for the production of cotton yarn.
In 1995, the company verticalizes and adds a new segment, weaving, to produce denim fabrics. The first textile unit of Grupo Santana Textiles is inaugurated, a factory in Horizonte, in Ceará’s countryside, whose production capacity is approximately 3.5 million meters of fabric month per month.
Santana Textiles Group has a commercial presence all over Brazil through one of the largest commercial teams in the country.


To meet market needs, in a self-sustainable manner, in perfect interaction with its customers, suppliers and employees.


To be a reference company in the world textile market, with emphasis on innovation and social and environmental responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility

The EMS “Environmental Management System” has as its principle the commitment to the quality of life, ensuring a Healthy Environment, participating actively and responsibly in environmental projects through the CDM program “Clean Development Mechanism”. in order to promote ecologically balanced development.
We use and improve technologies for sustainable development such as monitoring and control of the amount of water, electricity used in the production process and the generation of solid and liquid waste resulting from industrial production.
We implemented multiplying actions that ensure awareness and environmental education, aimed at the company and at the community in general.
We have the environmental licenses required by the environmental inspection agencies.